Tip! Use the Windows Server 2012 Server Core Evaluation

Internal-Clear-HardDiskAlthough installing a Server Core installation takes significantly less time than installing a Server with a GUI, there is an even faster way to get started with Server Core, especially when the Product Key screen during installation or the download speed at your location are slowing you down.


Microsoft has made a pre-configured virtual hard disk (VHD) available, that enables you to evaluate Microsoft Windows Server 2012, Standard Edition in Server Core trim.

The two downloads, making up the evaluation, are 2GB in size together, which is even less than the download size of the Windows Server 2012 DVD…

After you’ve downloaded (, converted) and imported the virtual hard disk, you will need to create/assign a virtual network interface card (NIC) to the newly created virtual machines that has Internet access. This is a requirement to active the OS. You will have 10 days to activate this image, after which you will have 180 days of unlimited use. Once activated, you are no longer required to be connected to the Internet.

Download Windows Server 2012 Standard x64 Core EVAL

Happy evaluating!

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