Guess who’s back?

A little while ago, I wrote about Benjamin Herila.

Two months ago, however, Ned Pyle gave an answer to a Server Core-related question. His advice was to contact Andrew Mason. I laughed out loud, but Ned was more up to date with current affairs than I was at that point.

After two years at Amazon, Andrew Mason decided to return to Microsoft.


I met Andrew at IT/DEV Connections in Las Vegas last week.

About Andrew Mason

It was a fun reunion. Andrew told me he rejoined Microsoft because the company and its strategies are still close to his heart. Bear in mind; Andrew has worked for Microsoft for many years before he plunged into his Amazon adventure…

Andrew is now working as a Principal Program Manager, focusing on Nano, this time around. He’s still very driven on untangling spaghetti code, and still very passionate at making Windows lean and mean.

His team is not a big team, but neither was his Original Server Core team back in the days. Andrew is a people-person and from his stories, most of his work is to make Program Managers from other teams make their teams deliver on the promises of lean and mean Windows. Yes, that’s called ‘Nano Server‘, these days, but don’t expect a finish line for these initiatives any time soon.

Personal note

Personally, I feel that Andrew is a great asset to Microsoft. It would be a waste if Microsoft would decide to let him go, but Andrew assured me that he won’t be leaving himself, any time soon.

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