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About Codename “Tuva”

While discussing Server Core and Nano Server with Aleksandar Nikolic, an old friend and a Microsoft MVP for roughly as long as I have, he shared an interesting tidbit on Nano Server with me.

About Nano Server

Windows Server 2016 offers a new installation option: Nano Server. It is a remotely managed option similar to Windows Server in Server Core mode, but significantly smaller, has no local logon capability, and only supports 64-bit applications, tools, and agents. It takes up far less disk space, sets up significantly faster, and requires far fewer updates and restarts than Windows Server with the full desktop experience.

See Getting Started with Nano Server for full details.

Apparently, Nano Server’s codename within Microsoft was ‘Tuva’.

About Tuva

Tuva is a region and is a federal subject of Russia according to Wikipedia.
Tuva was an independent state between the World Wars; between 1921 and 1944 Tuva constituted a sovereign, independent nation, under the name of Tannu Tuva, officially, the Tuvan People’s Republic, or the People’s Republic of Tannu Tuva. The independence of Tannu Tuva, however, was recognized only by its neighbours: the Soviet Union and Mongolia.

Tyva voluntarily became a part of The Soviet Union in 1944 and was part of Russia the shortest of all republics in the USSR.

Verifiying the codename

Now, of course, you are curious how to verify the above information.
With the command below you can check the Nano Server codename:

Get-CimInstance win32_operatingsystem | Select caption



Congratulations, you’ve wasted a minute of your time to learn up on a little known fact of Nano Server, that will make you a more interesting person for small talk.

You’re welcome. 🙂