An issue exists with Server Core in Windows Server “8” Beta

Proceed with cautionLast week, Microsoft released the long-awaited beta build of the next version of Windows Server. With build number 8250 and the beta moniker proudly displayed, we’ve entered a period of stable Windows Server “8” pre-release testing and down to earth information from our Redmondian friends.

After my last post on changing Windows Server GUIs in Windows Server 8, you might be eager to test this feature and convert Server Core, Features on Demand and Full installations after installation.

In the beta build, however, an issue exists, that you might need to be aware of.
The Windows Server “8” Beta Release Notes state:

If you convert a server that was installed with the Server Core installation option during initial setup to the Server with a GUI option, Windows Explorer will not be pinned to the desktop taskbar, and the Start screen will not contain a Desktop tile. This issue does not occur if you choose the Server with a GUI option during setup, convert to a Server Core installation, and then convert back.

To correct this, manually create the shortcuts and tiles by searching for a program on the Start screen. Type its name until its tile appears, and then right-click its tile and choose Pin to taskbar or Pin to Start. To return to the desktop, on the Start screen, type desktop and then click the Desktop tile.

Of course, this is just a minor issue, but, nonetheless, an issue you might want to know about. I’m sure this issue will get fixed soon.

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